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Trust the vibe you get from people. If it’s bad vibe fuck em, if it’s a good one keep those people close to ya. Good vibes make a good life.

Kim Jongin playing with:
      ↳a ladybug, two apples, a scooter, my feelings, his hair, the camera during the Die Jungs photoshoot.

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In which I ask the question that I’m sure everyone has been wondering for too long now!

Onew what are you doing?

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Jonghyun, Key and Minho support Taemin

Jonghyun:Taemin is born to b a performer it's in his fate
Key:He's happy and shines on stage I can't imagine what else he will do
Minho:Taemin would have been doing this for himself anyhow

"Taemin is like this!"

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Taemin asked about the members' support

DJ:Who supported you (for this debut) the most?
Taemin:All members supported me a lot but especially Jonghyun-hyung. He said I was cool, and that he's happy as much as I am happy.
DJ:Just now you talked about receiving a present, who gave it to you?
Note:Key bought Taemin a wallet so celebrate his first live solo at SMTown
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